3D DC Comics & Misc Licensed Art

We are delighted to have the opportunity to offer some of the hottest kids licenses available. Working with an exclusive manufacturer and their relationships, we are able to offer you DC Comics, Harry Potter, Albert Einstein and many other cool designs. 

Available in an 8x12 inch size, we offer mattes to go with the art, giving it a professional matte framed art piece, great for any kid/adult fan.

Batman Blue 3D lenticular poster wall ar

Batman Blue

Item # BAT001M

Batman vs Superman 3D lenticular poster

Batman vs Superman

Item # BVS003M

Poison Ivy 3D lenticular poster wall art

Poison Ivy

Item # PIB001M

Harley Quinn 3D lenticular poster wall a

Harley Quinn

Item # HQ001M

Joker Wild

Item # JRW

Harry Potter.jpeg
Harry Potter 3D lenticular poster wall a

HP Child Who Lived

Item # HP2

HP Hogwarts

Item # HP001

Wonder Woman.jpg

Defender of Gotham

Item # BAT2

Wonder Woman

Item # WW1


First In Last Out

Item # 5503

Batman Villians 3D lenticular poster wal
Justice League 3D lenticular poster wall

Forever Evil

Item # BATVLN001M

Justice League

Item # JL002M

Wonder Woman 3D lenticular poster wall a

Wonder Woman - She Can Do It

Item # WWB001M

Superman 3D lenticular poster wall art d


Item # SPR003M


Item # BGL

Jimi Hendrix 3D lenticular poster wall a
Albert Einstein 3D lenticular poster wal

Jimi Hendrix

Item # 5521M

Albert Einstein

Item # 5520M

Batman & Robin.jpeg

Asteroid Superman

Item # SPR1

Batman & Robin

Item # B&R

Flame Biker Ghost Rider.png

Ghost Rider

Item # GTR